So, is this what you do?

Yes! I spend most of my days in the studio making work.

Do you take commissions or requests?

Yes! In the last year I've made dinnerware for several wedding registries and dozens of cups as party favors. I take requests mostly along the lines of form -- for example, I'm happy to make you a set of eight soup bowls with the customization of having handles, with surface decorations carried over from my other designs. 

Right now I'm mostly working in black and white with small accents of color or luster. Whatever you're dreaming of, shoot me an email at hello(at), and let's get a conversation started!

Where can I find your work in person?

Right now Freehand Gallery in Los Angeles, Art Star in Philadelphia, Lillstreet Gallery in Chicago and White Elephant in Hamilton, Ontario carry my work. I'm also periodically in a juried show or craft fair here or there around the country, which you can track by signing up for my newsletter

Is your work microwave and dishwasher safe?

Mostly, but take note! For regularly glazed pieces, almost anything goes. Pottery pieces decorated with luster (that wonderful shiny metallic business) cannot go in the microwave, and I recommend that you hand-wash them, too. That said, I know people with luster pieces that pop them right in the dishwasher and have no issues.  I do not recommend putting my pottery in the oven as I haven't tested it in that particular thermal shock environment.